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University Hills Neighborhood
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Our purpose is to provide University Hills residents with the resources they need to:
  • Answer questions regarding the rules and regulations of the neighborhood
  • Find Trustee contact information 
  • Find information on upcoming neighborhood association meetings
  • Locate resources for government or historical research

University Hills Email Distribution List

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Security Audits

The University City Police Department offers security audits and surveys for your business and residence free of charge.
T0 schedule an appointment, please contact Lieutenant Isenberg at (314) 725-2211 / bisenberg@ucitymo.org or Lieutenant Lemons at (314) 505-8661 / flemons@ucitymo.org.


To report a non-functioning streetlight, contact the U City Public Works Department at 505-8560.

 Gate Closing Rotation Information

Below is some information that may answer your questions regarding our Gate Closing Rotation:

  • The Main Entrance gates are always open to allow access to the church.  The front gates are occasionally closed by request.
  • Each Tuesday all gates are opened for trash pickup and usually they are closed on Thursday.
  • The gates opening/closing is rotated, i.e. if Stratford and Jackson are closed, then Bedford and Norwood are open.
  • If one gate is closed then the next one is open.
  • Gates are opened and closed by request for various reason.  For instance, all gates are open for snow or ice removal, leaf pickup, large item pickup, etc.
  • Stratford and Bedford have signs at Teasdale showing whether the Jackson gates are open.
  • A sign at Kingsbury and Midvale shows if the Pershing gate is open.

University City Government Information

University Hills is located in the First Ward. The University City Council is the legislative and governing body of the City of University City. The City Council has seven members, one of whom serves as mayor. Each of the City's three wards has two representatives, who are elected to four-year terms. Responsibilities of the council are to enact legislation to protect the health, morals and general welfare of the citizens of the City and to appoint both the City Manager and City Clerk. 

Please refer to the UCity web page at www.ucitymo.org  government tab for the city council
representative contact info and the ward map

Trustee Contact Information

Jim Wheeler
7336 Kingsbury
(314) 721-6234
Fax (314) 721-1183
Jack Breier
511 Midvale Avenue
(314) 283-0854
James Mann
541 Purdue Avenue
(314) 489-8930

Subdivision Accountants

Assessment, collection, closing information for property

Wilhelm & Wilhelm, LLC
7777 Bonhomme Avenue, Suite 2001
St. Louis, MO  63105-1946
(314) 727-1155(314) 727-1155
Fax (314) 721-8690

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